Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A bump in the road

Against all odds, my kids have rejected our new-found vegan lifestyle.  It has been about five weeks since I began this journey.  And about five weeks since my kids ate anything.

It's the loss of dairy that really did them in.  The loss of meat as well.  Other than those two things, though, they more or less embraced veganism.

After my eighth or ninth failed dinner recipe in a row, I grumpily proclaimed my experiment in introducing my kids to sustainable eating to be over.  Tonight we made lasagna with actual, non-plant-based cheese.  They both had three helpings.  Mac basically ate his body weight in lasagna.  Shef had a Kind Bar (vegan!) after dinner.

So I was pretty much starving my children with my selfish desire to save the planet.

But never fear, I am not giving up on my new lifestyle.  I will just be more willing to abandon it when it becomes slightly inconvenient going forward.

Truth be told, I'm getting pretty good at being a vegan.  I actually invented two new dishes over the weekend.  First, I started with a dish I like to call:  Black Beans with Chopped Red Onion over Brown Rice.  The ingredients are mostly what you'd expect:

I bet you didn't expect the salsa and avocado, though, did you?  Now, some cultures might argue that they have been eating this dish for tens of thousands of years.  And they would be right.  But I didn't use their recipe.  I just happened to invent the same one tens of thousands of years later.

The next day, though, I really dialed up the creativity a notch with a little dish I like to call Black Beans with Chopped Red Onion over Kale:

You may have seen the salsa and avocado coming this time around.  This dish is a unique blend of flavors where you don't have rice and have kale instead.  Take THAT tens of thousands of years old cultures!

Beans, as it turns out, truly are the magic fruit.  I had forgotten that in the years I spent as a non-sustainable, Earth-hating, meat-eater.

Was that too much information?  It felt like that was too much information.

But that's just part of being a vegan.

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